Many students at my school liked to take photographs.   They even made dark room to develop the films to print out the pictures. They were black and white era pictures, just so you know.
I often had my picture taken by those amateur “photographers”. My pictures captured all my six college years from Erevan, Armenia to Odessa, Kiev, Ukraine to Moscow, St. Petersburg (called Leningrad at that time), to Siberia, to Budapest, to Czech Slovakia to list a few. I cannot tell the whole list because it is too long.
The technical requirements of creating a dark room intimidated me, so I never bothered.
But I absolutely got to buy one camera to bring home before leaving the Soviet Union. It was a Zenite and was praised pretty high. At home my brother liked it more than me. So he used it for a while then it went into storage.  Over time it became outdated and became a good candidate for the museum. As I write this today, sad to say my family has lost track of that old Zenite camera.    
As the years went by, my passion for photography continued on. I built up a number of albums. The result of every business trip I made to America. I did buy a very good camera by recommendation of a friend, whose brother owned a camera shop. But did I really use it? Not so much.
When I married my husband, I suddenly lived without taking pictures. My husband is a very handsome man but he is not vain. Like in our native language: “he does not eat the picture” so he does not live to see pictures of himself. However, his life was about to change because upon my begging he broke down and bought me the best available Sony Handycam.
We brought it with us on our trips and made some videos and took some pictures. I brought it to my country when visiting and made some videos.
It was a show off piece for an equipment. People recognized and valued it and I was proud.
I now have an HTC android phone with 8 megapixel camera and camcorder. It is light and easy to carry around. It takes great pictures. It became an easy choice to leave the big and bulky handycam at home.
Then my husband bought me a Samsung Galaxy tablet. It was so wonderful with the camera and video function. I use it almost every time, especially when I started to take pictures for my blog.
I thought my tablet camera was great until one day I visited Smitten Kitchen blog while I was reading the book “Food blogging for Dummies”. The pictures there were stunning. For the first time I realized I took very average pictures.
I retrieved my handycam from the closet and intended to use it for taking pictures. My husband was a big boss at his job and he supervised two professional photographers. I asked him for me to ask them some questions about how to use my handycam. My husband did not let me. First, he was a very straight boss, he did not want me to bother his employee for my personal things. Second, he assured me that my handycam was not the good candidate for the job I wanted to do.
It was hard for me to accept that our expensive Sony Handycam could not be my camera. However, when I tried to take a close-up photograph, I could not.
My husband referred me to his niece Shanna, who uses a high-tech digital SLR camera.  She also does some professional photo work. When it came to Shanna, I must agree the girl is an extremely competent individual, and always thoroughly researches products before she buys.
So stay tuned. You want to find out what camera I will buy?  And more? Don’t you?
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